3 Cool Things You Can Do With A Light-Up Soccer Ball

27 October 2020
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Playing soccer on bright and sunny days isn't the only thing you can do with a light-up soccer ball. Here are three other cool things that you can do with it:  

Host Night Game Parties

With a light-up soccer ball in hand, you don't have to host the same old indoor game nights at the dining room table that you might be used to. Instead, head outside with some solar lights or tiki torches and the soccer ball for some interactive entertainment. Everyone who participates will have fun while getting some exercise.

You can still incorporate food and drinks into your outdoor game night. Have a barbecue or potluck and set up a mini bar near the soccer field so people can enjoy their time between turns on the field. You can make the game competitive by having the losing team provide the food for the next game night. To inspire everyone to play their best soccer game, play some clips of popular soccer games on a tablet in the party area.

Play Hide-and-Seek

Your family's light up soccer ball isn't limited to outdoor play. The ball can be used inside when the weather isn't great, or you just don't feel like heading outside. One great way to play with the ball indoors is to set up a game of hide-and-seek. Instead of the kids hiding themselves from you, they can take turns hiding the ball so you can find it. Or you can hide the ball and let them find it while you do something else!

You can hide the ball before the kids come inside from playing so they have something fun to do until they are ready to settle down for the night. Dogs can even be taught to play hide-and-seek with a light-up soccer ball, which can come in handy when they need to be exercised on a rainy day.

Decorate for Halloween

Another fun way to use your light-up soccer ball is to decorate for Halloween. When lit up, the soccer ball can be used as a witch's or ghost's head, or you can hang the ball like a decoration from the porch to help light the way for trick-or-treaters. It can be decorated with stickers or streamers to make it look spooky, or simply set out in front of the door to let people know you're ready to give out candy.

For more information about using a light-up soccer ball, contact a local sports store.