3 Features to Look for on the Best Quality Snowboard Wax

9 October 2017
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It is thrill of the open slope, the cold wind slipping past your body, and the excitement of landing that perfect jump. Snowboarding is one of those extracurricular activities that is built for people who like an adrenaline rush. However, skill, practice, and equipment are only part of the snowboarding experience. There is one other little thing that will factor in that makes a huge difference in how well you perform on the slopes: snowboard wax. Too many snowboarding enthusiasts simply pick up whatever-brand-wax and assume it should be good.

However, there are a few features that you should be looking for in the best snowboard wax. 

Long-Lasting Durability After Application

Some of the best snowboard waxes on the market are designed to stay put for a while. There is nothing worse then heading out for a day on the slopes and having to stop after every downhill slide to reapply wax. This does not give you the most effective use of your time and does not give your snowboard the protection it deserves because the application wears away quickly. Make sure you pick snowboard waxing products that give a promise of long-lasting durability with just one application. 

Eco-Friendly Composition 

You are heading to a pristine mountain side covered in snow for an adventure. The beautiful natural surroundings and environment are what make your preferred sport possible, so picking waxing products that have an eco-friendly composition is the kind thing to do. Some of the low-quality waxes contain chemical compounds that you don't want to leave a trail of down a snow slope because those chemicals are not supposed to be there. The higher quality snowboard waxes are made with more natural ingredients that are not going to pose hazards to the plants, animals, or environment while you board. 

All-Temperature Application

There are several categories of snowboard wax, but some are designed for application indoors or at room temperature only. Unfortunately, if you get your hands on one of these wax products, it can mean you are restricted as to when you can actually apply your wax. If your snowboard is still cold and frosty after a long day of boarding, application becomes impossible. If you are sitting next to the fireplace warming yourself after a long ride, there's no way you can apply your wax while you do because it will be like putty in your hands. Go for a good all-temperature wax so you can apply the product whenever you get the chance. 

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