4 Tips For Longboarding In The Winter

29 December 2016
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Just because it is winter time does not mean that you need to put your longboard away until spring time. Here are three tips for longboarding in the winter.

#1 Waterproof Your Longboard

The first thing that you need to do is waterproof your longboard if you want to use it during the winter time. Waterproofing will help protect your longboard when you are outside and the ground is moist. However, if it is down pouring rain outside, you may want to keep your board inside.

To waterproof your longboard, you are going to want to purchase waterproofing spray. You should be able to find waterproofing spray near the camping section of your local department store. You are going to want to spray the top, bottom, and sides of your longboard. You are also going to want to spray the kicks as well. Allow the waterproof coating to dry, then apply a second layer just to be safe. This will help wick water off of your board when it is wet outside.

#2 Clean The Bearings

Second, you need to take care of the bearings on your board. You are going to want to spray them with some silicone spray to help keep the dirt off of them. When you come inside from longboarding for the day, you are going to want to use some steel wool to clean the bearings and get all dirt off of them. Failing to clean the bearings will cause them to become rusted, which can compromise the integrity of your longboard.

#3 Dress Appropriately

You are going to want to make sure that you dress appropriately when you go longboarding. You are going to want to wear a long sleeve shirt as well as a jacket. It doesn't have to be a really heavy jacket; a light jacket will do. You are going to create a lot of body heat, which is why a lightweight jacket will work.

Make sure that you wear a hat and gloves; this is what will really help keep you warm when you are outside longboarding. Normal paints should work and wear shoes that provide you with traction under slippery circumstances.

#4 Store Your Board Inside

When you are doing longboarding for the day, clean off your board. Then, store it inside. If stored outside in the cold, the wood on your longboard can become warped and that can compromise the deck on your longboard. Clean it and store it inside when you are done for the day. 

For more information on caring for your longboard during the cold months, contact a company such as High Five Skateboards.