Get On Your Game With A Badminton Training Racket

30 November 2016
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Whether you are just a beginner or you are a seasoned pro badminton player, a training racket can be an invaluable tool to help you improve your game. These rackets may look identical to any other badminton racket, but upon picking it up, you can quickly tell the difference—they are much heavier. What is the advantage of a heavier racket? For a beginner, the added weight can help ensure you are learning the basic moves the right way. For the experienced player, a heavier racket can correct poor form. Here are three ways a training racket will help improve your game.

A Training Racket Requires A Full Swing

Like any racket sport, it's all about the stroke. A player needs to develop a consistent, graceful stroke and execute it correctly. The overhead badminton stroke is the first stroke learned because it is the most often used stroke. It also has the most power behind it. It is essential to perfect your form and not be sloppy if you want to be successful on the court. The power comes from a well-executed full swing, not from how much force you exert. In fact, using too much raw strength will result in poor form. The extra weight of a training racket forces the player to complete the full arc of the swing, even after having hit the shuttlecock.

A Training Racket Will Help You Develop Increased Control Of Your Racket

Because the racket feels heavier, your body naturally, instinctively thinks it's more powerful. This means your muscles won't tense up as much as if you had a lighter racket. Pretend you want to hit something as hard as you can; if you have something lightweight, you will feel the need to put your all into it, which can be tough on your shoulder. With a heavier racket in your hand, you will view the added weight as a tool to your advantage; the extra weight itself will do the work, not tax your muscles. Practicing consistently with a training racket will create muscle memory where it should, in your wrist and forearm, and the proper technique will then transfer to the lighter racket.

A Training Racket Will Help Develop Your Forearm And Wrist Muscles

The extra weight will strengthen the muscles in your arm, and because the heavier weight forces you to follow through, it will also strengthen your biceps and triceps. Not only will this help develop muscle memory, but it will also help improve your aim. Accurate shot placement is an important skill to have in badminton. Being able to place the birdie where you want it consistently means you can move your opponent out of position, make him run for shots, and force him to return shots with poor form, all of which are advantages to you. Practicing accuracy and precision with a training racket will net great results when you hit the court for real play. 

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