Three Custom Accessories To Personalize Your Rifle

23 November 2016
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Custom leather rifle accessories are a nice addition to the novice rifle enthusiast, or the true Wild West type gun lover. Here are three interesting additions that any rifle owner can incorporate to their collection to accent any shooting attire that will also add a personalized touch to your rifle.

Rifle Scabbards

One true accessory to augment any leather rifle wardrobe is a rifle scabbard. If you want to portray that old Wild West hero aura when carrying your rifle, a scabbard will certainly boost that objective.

A rifle scabbard is a full-length holder that safely covers your entire rifle except for the butt end. Gunslingers and the like had to carry their rifles, often over great distances and frequently while on horseback.

Since your rifle is a hands-on carry, usually both hands, doing anything that requires the use of either arm can be a tough challenge toting a rifle. A scabbard takes care of the problem.

Besides giving you a hands-off convenient way to strap your rifle to your back, or over your shoulder, a scabbard is often equipped with ammo holders for your bullets.

Rifle Butt Covers and Slips

While a scabbard comes with an assortment of straps that allow you to carry your rifle, butt covers and slips are more designed to preserve the pristine look of your firearm. Butt covers, for instance, are excellent for keeping the butt end of your rifle from getting scratched and marked up when transporting it.

Unlike a full case, using a butt cover and a slip allows you quicker access to your rifle. This is a nice alternative when carrying your rifle in any situation that might pose a risk to keeping the appearance scratch-free.

Scabbards, butt covers, and slips can nicely complement each other. For instance, you can have a matching butt cover made for your scabbard; plus if you choose the custom-made route, have a slip designed that fits nicely inside your scabbard. By getting all three at the same time, you have the perfect trio of rifle accessories to complement your firearm.

You can find these rifle accessories in retail gun shops, many of them manufactured and of acceptable quality. But, a truly nice addition to your rifle collection would be a leather rifle accessory custom made.

A number of gun shops also specialize in custom accessories; plus leather professionals can frequently make you a one-of-a-kind unique rifle accessory. Custom designed rifle accessories can also be personally monogrammed to really show off your enthusiasm as a proud rifle owner. For more information, check out a store like Rick Lowe Custom Leather.