Trying to Cut Down on Your Motor-Vehicle Use? Ideas and Tips for You

15 November 2016
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When you are concerned about the environment and your effect upon it, you may be looking for ways to cut down on your negative impact on the world around you. If this is the case for you right now, there are many different directions that you can go to reach your goals. However, one of the biggest steps that you can take is to cut down on your motor-vehicle use and the amount of fuel, carbon emissions, and the like that you use and put out into the world. Get to know some of the ways that you can achieve these goals and have a more positive impact on the environment and the world around you.

Get Yourself a High-Quality Bicycle

If you are going to cut down on your use of your motor vehicle, you will want to make sure that you have a decent bicycle to get around on. While walking may be a good alternative for some tasks, riding a bicycle is much faster and can allow you to travel greater distances, such as to work.

You will want to make sure that the bicycle you use is of the highest quality and is designed for your specific purposes. Bicycles that are designed for city or street use often have lighter frames and tires that other options like mountain bikes. They are easy to maneuver as well so that you can move in between cars on the street, get around pedestrians, and avoid other common city obstacles.

If you already have a bicycle, be sure that if you do not use your bicycle a great deal already, you take your bike in to the bicycle shop for repairs and maintenance before you start riding it a great deal. This will ensure that you do not have any problems or issues as you get started riding your bike rather than driving a car.

Invest in Comfortable Cross-Training Shoes or Walking Shoes

Whether you are riding your bicycle or walking (or jogging and running) to and from your destinations, you are going to need a good, comfortable pair of shoes to wear while you do so. Your feet are now going to be your primary mode of transportation, and you need to be sure that they are well cared for and protected.

Cross trainers are great shoes that are designed for multiple purposes and can be helpful if you are not sure whether you will be walking, jogging, or biking more often (or if you plan to do all three at some point). If you think you will do most of your transportation on foot, walking shoes can be sufficient. Be sure that the shoes you choose have sufficient padding in the soles and provide support to your ankles as well. This will help to ensure that your feet feel as good as possible as you put them to greater use than you may have done in recent years.

With these basic tips in mind, you can begin the process of cutting down on your motor-vehicle use and improve your impact on the planet as soon as possible.

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